Section One: Muscle Mass Increases Positive Outcomes of PRP

When you are thinking of a joint consider the different parts. Muscles are meant to move the joint; the tendons and primarily the ligaments are the stabilizers. The cartilage is the cushion and the fluid is the grease. When a joint becomes unstable the muscles tighten up around it and start doing the job of the ligaments. In essence, tight muscles stabilize weak joints. If you have chronically tight muscles it is quite likely that you have weak and unstable joints. Strengthening the muscles around the joint will increase the stability and health of the joint from the top down.

Weight lifting and weight training prior to getting PRP injections will greatly increase your positive outcome. This is something I always tell my patients. You are investing in your joints with injections it is just as important to invest in them through daily habits. These habits are just like brushing your teeth for your joints.

The reasons your injection outcomes improve because of increased muscle mass are not just at the level of the joint they are all over your body!

The body wide positive impacts of increased muscle mass:

  • Balances hormones decreasing unwanted hormones and increasing hormones such as growth hormone which is very anabolic meaning its healing and builds the body up and produces healthy hormone balance also improving energy, mood and libido.
  • Decreases overall chronic inflammation by decreasing inflammatory cells, decreasing cortisol, regulating metabolism and insulin levels. That’s right increased muscle mass fights diabetes!
  • Increases metabolism, the more muscle mass you have the more likely you are to burn calories while at rest, when working out if you build muscle you get a lot more bang for your buck long term
  • Most importantly all of the above create kick-butt stem cells which is what we are using to build back your joint

Those are the main reasons to get your weight lifting going prior to your injections. Your body will be much more prepared to accept and use the PRP treatment. PRP relies on you to create your medicine if you have hormonal imbalances or chronic inflammatory diseases like diabetes it doesn’t mean you can’t get injections but it does mean there is some prep work involved in getting your body to the right state to create the kind of platelets and stem cells you need to be effective with treatments.

If you’ve never weight trained before or are unsure of how to start please hire a professional to help you. Form is extremely important to prevent injuries from progressing and/or occurring.

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