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Diet and lifestyle counseling:

There may be an imbalance in your diet, or underlying chronic inflammation you’re unaware of causing many of your symptoms. Underlying chronic inflammation can cause all kinds of health problems and is the major contributor to the United States leading causes of disease such as: cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, heart attack, hypothyroidism, many autoimmune conditions, migraines, PMS, chronic pain and fatigue syndromes. These kinds of imbalances can leave you feeling unmotivated, having poor digestion, slow down your metabolism making it difficult to lose weight and could even be effecting your mood, sleep and hormones. We will work together to find the root cause of your complaints through detox programs, running pertinent labs, assessing if you have food sensitivities or allergies and finding an exercise program that works for you. Our goal is to find the best way to support your body so you can pursue the life you love in a body you can be proud of! Together we’ll work as a team to reach the kind of active, pain free and energetic lifestyle you’ve been looking for!

Cutting edge laboratory diagnostics:

Dr. Nixon combines up-to-date knowledge about natural health care options with modern medical diagnostic techniques. Along the way she will observe your success and progress as well as stay on top of any related health issues you may have. As a naturopathic physician she is able to order diagnostic tests including blood work to assess for anemia, infections, vitamin D status, thyroid, liver and kidney function, as well as diagnostic imaging such as X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans to assess for musculoskeletal injuries, soft tissue abnormalities, and nervous system function. These tests allow her to monitor your health as well as the effectiveness of your work together. Help prevent chronic disease before it starts!

Dr.Nixon also runs specialty labs that most medical doctors do not, such as genetic testing, micronutrient testing, detailed and in depth lipid profile testing, heavy metals, stool analysis, detailed hormone panels, autoimmune panels, and food allergy testing. A word on a few of these tests:


This test illuminates underlying nutrient deficiencies that may correlate to your current diet and lifestyle or may also correlate to a genetic mutation. This is an extremely valuable test because the deficiencies it shows can be related to many different chronic diseases and issues that other tests are not capable of detecting. If all your other conventional labs were normal and you’ve been told there aren’t any more tests to run. This may be the next test needed.

Detail Lipid Profile:

At least 50% of people who have a heart attack had normal cholesterol which tells us there is much more to heart disease than high cholesterol. We are missing at least half of problem which equals thousands of people. The detailed lipid profile is quickly becoming the gold standard. It detects genetic mutations, smaller proteins and fats that if high make your risk of heart attack much greater. If heart disease runs in your family this test could be for you. Basic testing of total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, and triglycerides is no longer good enough to predict risk of heart attack.

Food sensitivities/allergies:

These tests look for food sensitivities and/or allergies. Food sensitivities cause low grade inflammation in the digestive track. Often these food sensitivities stem from ‘leaky-gut’ and ‘leaky-gut’ can start for many reasons. In Dr.Nixon’s experience there is usually a psychological component such as history of anxiety, depression or emotional trauma. This then becomes a chicken or the egg scenario. People often want to know how this happened and the truth is that the reason could be different for each individual. Regardless of how it happened there are things that can be done to heal the digestive track and improve their quality of life. Some people are able to eat the foods again in the future and others may need to avoid some of them permanently. Each person is different. This test is not the gold standard but it’s becoming popular due to media coverage. The gold standard is an elimination diet but often this test is a good  starting point and alternative for people who are very busy and have trouble changing their eating habits for a few weeks.

Herbal Medicine & Nutritional Supplementation:

Currently the FDA does not regulate the content or quality of herbal supplements and vitamins. Which is not only frustrating but can be dangerous. Part of seeing a Naturopathic Physician using these modalities is that they have access to pharmaceutical grade supplements that many high quality supplement companies won’t sell to grocery stores and vitamin shops because they know there should be someone well trained prescribing their products for safety reasons. Also, having a physician trained in botanical medicine and supplements will insure that you are getting the appropriate treatment for your conditions. Well researched, quality crafted botanical medicines and nutritional supplements further support the healing process. Dr. Nixon prescribes supplements and herbs based on your individual needs, to heal specific tissues and conditions, and give you the building blocks you need to restore your health. Identifying the foods that are causing harm, cleaning out unwanted byproducts that interfere with the way your tissues function, and restoring proper body alignment are incredibly important. Using high quality researched products part of nature and our bodies are an extremely powerful tool in restoring wellness and the natural balance of your body and eliminating many common causes of illness.

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