(PRP) Platelet Rich Plasma for Joint Pain

PRP is a method of regenerative medicine where your blood is extracted from you and then the plasma is injected back into the injured and/or painful joint to initiate a healing process in your stem cells that squelches chronic inflammation and pain. It also initiates cartilage regrowth and re-stabilization of the joint itself allowing muscles to relax; reliving chronic muscles tension.

It’s truly incredible how it works and the life changing benefits it can have on you and your body.

Many people come in to my office believing their only options are cortisone injections, life long use of pain medication and surgery. They often come in expecting me to confirm their fate of living with pain until joint replacement and having to give up their beloved activities such hiking, cycling, running, and playing with grandchildren. For some people it’s just the simple things such as getting up and down off the toilet easily or up and down the stairs without pain and holding the railing. They want their lives back and to feel young again. In their minds they are still young and mobile but the body is telling them something different. Is this you or do you know someone like this?

It is my passion to help their minds and their bodies match again. PRP injection therapy can do this. Imagine a life with no pain, full range of motion, strength in your joints, no medication and surgery. With a series of PRP injections the people described above get to feel young again without cortisone injections and joint replacement. This gives them an alternative to life long chronic pain or surgery. It is less expensive than surgery and there is virtually no down time from the procedure itself. Cortisone injections harm the joint over time especially if done in excess. If the person is young they will be put on anti-anti-inflammatory medication and are told to wait as long as they can before getting a joint replacement so that the chances of needing two replacements for the same joint in a lifetime are smaller. Their lives then consist of waiting around always in pain or taking medication to suppress pain while they wait. This happens in older people as well. Chronic use of pain medications harm other areas of the body and often fall short. Pain medication is a less than mediocre band-aide. PRP therapy makes all of this living with pain and immanent surgery in most cases unnecessary. You can see the many conditions that can be treated with this therapy here

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